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The Saskatchewan Kinesiology and Exercise Science Association (SKESA) is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to develop, train and promote kinesiology professionals in the exercise science industry - to advocate fitness, performace and health promotion throughout the province of Saskatchewan.

SKESA was the provincial body that managed the Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology's (CSEP) Health and Fitness Program, but CSEP is now managing this program from head office in Ottawa, Ontario.


CSEP's Health and Fitness Program provides Three Certifications:

Certifications that can be acquired through CSEP include the CSEP - Certified Personal Trainer (CSEP-CPT) and the CSEP - Certified Exercise Physiologist (CSEP-CEP).  A related certification that can also be acquired through CSEP is the Accredited Fitness Appraisal Centre (AFAC) Certification.  Centres (fitness centres, physiotherapy and rehabilitation clinics, etc...) that meet CSEP standards of operating procedures and safety can become certified (more information on this can be found under 'Certifications' - in the AFAC section).


SKESA currently has approximately 260 members, many certified as CSEP-CPTs and CEPs. They work throughout Saskatchewan and abroad, providing safe and appropriate fitness appraisals and exercise prescription to the populations they work with. 


SKESA's members can be further broken down into three seperate streams:

1) Health & Fitness - This stream is dedicated to those involved in areas such as personal training and health and wellness promotion.  The majority of this stream includes the Certified Personal Trainers (CSEP-CPTs)  who work with individuals and/or groups of individuals.  But many Certified Exercise Physiologists (CSEP-CEPs) work in this field as well.

2) Rehabilitation - This stream is dedicated to dealing with issues and topics that pertain to rehabilitation.  This stream includes the Certified Exercise Physiologists (CSEP-CEPs) that work in areas such as exercise therapy, cardiac rehabilitation, ergonomics and disability management.

3) High Performance & Academia - This stream is dedicated to those involved with training athletes and those involved in teaching and research in an academic institution.  CSEP-CEPs and CPTs train amateur and professional athletes, as well as occupational athletes (firefighters and police officers for example).  SKESA members also work at or with the Universities to improve the knowledge of human movement by translating their research into practice, therefore connecting the academic community with those involved in the delivery of health and fitness information.


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All upcoming events can now ONLY be viewed by current SKESA members.  If you are not a member and would like to become one - please contact Nadine Howard at SKESA - nhoward@skesa.ca

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Please contact CSEP directly now for any questions regarding CSEP-CPT or CEP exams, membership renewals, PDC confirmation and insurance (as per CSEP's request)... Thanks.

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